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Trauma Simulation

Simulation training offers a "controlled" environment for trauma care professionals to safely acquire and practice skills, and learn how to work together as a team during critical situations. 

Training is performed at the QEII HSC in dedicated simulation labs (ED Simulation Bay, Atlantic Health Training and Simulation Centre, and the Skills Centre for Health Sciences). For more information on the QEII HSC Simulation Program, click here.


On a larger scale in the QEII HSC, simulation training takes place as in situ hospital-wide simulations, starting at the prehospital phase and continuing through arrival at the trauma bay, initial resuscitation of the "patient", and transfer to the operating room. 

In addition, simulation training is offered to trauma care professionals across Nova Scotia via the EHS Mobile Simulation Unit. This vehicle is equipped with technology that simulates a wide range of trauma-related scenarios, as well as a video recording system that enables the facilitator to review the simulation with the learner. 

Simulation Videos

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